Import/Export Brokerage Services
World wide search and negotiations specialist finding and dealing with the manufacturers and distributors of the products that
you or your business need most but do not know where to source.  Bottom Line Trading Inc. has trustworthy contacts around
the world and as your brokerage company we can help maximize your bottom line and keep your trading and product cost in
line with the best in the global market today.
 At Bottom Line Trading Inc. we specialize in finding you the lowest possible cost
for a specific product through a professional Bottom Line Trading Inc. is a Christian company and we strive to provide all of our
clients with the same quality level of service before during and after each transaction that we expect and demand  from our
own suppliers and manufacturers.  If you value integrity, professionalism, and a partner with a strong since of urgency on
behalf of its customers and their business needs, then
contact us with specific information on large ticket or high quantity
items you purchase either now or plan to add to your future business model.  Please provide us with as much information as
possible allowing us to match up with all pertinent manufacturers, or distributors for your specific product needs as we search
world wide, checking through our existing contacts and creating new ones when necessary to locate and compare pricing
globally.   We will contact you immediately and provide you with our best quote very shortly free of charge.  If there is a better
deal out there we will find it for you.  We also consider ourselves pioneers in wholesale by being one of the first to offer new
items and lines of products such as
Disafter generators, Boliy inverter generators and Power Shack Solar power systems.  
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Bringing you the best in value &
Quality in Portable - Power
Generators, Inverter Generators &
Solar Generators available!
For 2015 BLT Inc. is entering the
Solar & Portable Solar Generator market partnered
with sister company Power Shack Solar Inc.
Bottom Line Trading Inc. is operating in Central TX under it's dba Power Shack Generators & Power Shack Solar w/ offerings
highlighted by several portable generators, portable inverter generators, & solar generators as well as other solar
, emergency & electric transportation products. Our product offerings center around providing high end power
, solar generators, solar attic fans at amazingly low prices that can reduce your grid dependency and actually
save you money
or provide you with peace of mind where emergencies are concerned built to our own specs or w/specs
Bottom LIne Trading Inc. is proud to offer.  
Champion, Disafter, BOLIY, and Power Shack Solar lines of commercial grade
power products are among of the best in their respective classes in specs, features, quality & performance at a price that
can not be beat with support after the sale.
Thank you for visiting our stores and we hope you will enjoy our products.
Newest 2014 Boliy Generator